If you have already created a website and are looking to upload your files, this how-to will step you through the process of connecting and where to upload your files.
If you do not have an account yet, you can get one at http://request.cad.rit.edu

You will need the following information before continuing

  • Hostname: cad.rit.edu
  • Username: Either your RIT Username for a Personal Web account, or the Group Account username
  • Connect Using / Server Type: SFTP
  • Password: Either your RIT Password, or the Password of the Group Web account
  • Port: 22

Where do I get this information?

For group web account you get this connection information by going to http://request.cad.rit.edu and clicking on "Group Web Accounts"
A list of your group web accounts will show up and you can click 'Manage' to see all the needed information.

Step-by-step guide for connecting: Mac OSX

If you do not already have Fetch installed on your Mac, you can download it here. RIT also provides an educational license that is free to the RIT community and can be found here.

  1. Launch Fetch, and enter the information using corresponding fields above.
  2. Hit Connect, and you should now see your files on the server.

Step-by-step guide for connecting: Windows

If you do not already have FileZilla installed on your PC, you can download it from here. FileZilla is a free and open source program.

  1. Quick Connect Setup - FileZilla’s Quickconnect allows you to quickly connect to a server, but the login information is not saved and will need to be entered again the next time the program is opened.
    1. Once FileZilla is open, type the information using corresponding fields above.
    2. Now click the Quickconnect button. You should now see your files on the server.
  2. Permanent Setup These steps will save your login information in FileZilla, so you can easily and quickly connect to the server any time you run the program.
    1. Once FileZilla is open, click on the File menu and choose Site Manager.
    2. Click on the New Site button in the new window that opens
    3. Name the new site cad, and then enter the following information in the corresponding fields
      1. Host:cad.rit.edu
      2. Port: 22
      3. Servertype: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
      4. Logontype: Normal
      5. Username: Username from above
      6. Password: Password from above
    4. Click on OK
    5. Now click on the down arrow beside the Site Manager button (directly under the File menu), and choose cad. You will connect automatically to the server.

Quick Connect

Quick Connect

Permanent Setup

Permanent Setup