Use this article to setup your Parallels Client for use with the CAD Apps Server.

Obtaining the Parallels Client

For Mac OS X Users:

  1. Locate the RIT Self Service application in your Applications Folder
  2. Launch that app and search for Parallels Client
  3. Click the INSTALL button which will add Parallels Client to your computer
  4. Look for the app in your Applications folder

Note: If you do not see the Parallels Client listed, please submit a Help Desk ticket asking for the software to be added to your computer.

For PC Windows Users:

Please submit a Help Desk Ticket asking for the software to be deployed to your computer.

Setting up the Parallels Client on Mac

  1. Launch the Parallels application, now located in your applications folder
  2. Click the Add button if prompted
  3. Now choose the Parallels Remote Application Server
  4. Now enter the following information to match the picture below.  
  5. Click OK
  6. Enter your RIT username and password
  7. App will load the applications that are available to you
    1. Note: If asked, click Confirm to grant access to your home folder and then choose which folder you would like to share with the Windows apps.
  8. Should be all set