For accessing Google Drive as a faculty member, be sure you "opt-in" to Google apps. Found out how to "opt-in" with How to Use Google Drive

Install the Google Drive desktop app

If you have an RIT owned computer, you can install from RIT Self Service (macOS) or Software Center (Windows).*

*It is still called Google Drive File Stream in Software Center on Windows. If you have administrator privileges, you can download and install the app directly from Google (link below).

If you are using a personal computer, or would like to download the latest version, you can do so by clicking below. 

Setup the Google Drive app to use your RIT Google Drive account

1.) Launch the Google Drive app on your computer

*On macOS, you may have to go into your Applications folder
** On Windows, you may have to search for it in the start menu

2.) Sign into the app by using your username with trailing your username

3.) Sign into the RIT login page

4.) Click through the prompts, then select "Open Google Drive folder"

5.) You should now be able to traverse your Google Drive files from your desktop

6.) You can cache files locally to make them available offline by right-clicking (or two finger clicking), selecting Google Drive, and selecting Available offline.