For using the Google Drive desktop app, please look at How to use Google Drive for desktop

Accessing your Drive

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Part 1: Opting-In to Google apps

1.) For faculty/staff, if you haven't already done so, go to and "opt-in" to Google Apps by clicking the "Accounts" tab and selecting "Google Preferences":

2.) "opt-in" to Google apps

3.) You should see this output after opting in

Part 2: Accessing Google Drive Online

1.) Navigate to

2.) If necessary, login using your RIT credentials.

3.) If you have no files uploaded, it will be empty.  Otherwise, you will see a screen that looks like this:

Part 3: Uploading Files

1.) Select the 'New' button.

2.) Click on Folder upload.

 3.) Folders have to be uploaded one at a time. Click on the folder and select upload.

4.) You will get this pop-up message. Press Upload.

5.) You will see a progress bar updating you on how long it will take to upload. 

6.) Continue the process until all file you want are uploaded to your Drive.