Looking for getting access into one of the CAD Labs? Follow the below mentioned simple steps.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Make sure you'are connected to your WiFi and the internet is up and running.

    For macOS, please follow these directions: Remote Access macOS in CAD

    For windows, continue following these steps

  2. Visit this URL: https://request.cad.rit.edu/vdi. Doing this will enroll you and allow you to access the CAD labs remotely.
  3. Now that you are enrolled you can go directly to https://vdi.cad.rit.edu (Bookmark this link).
  4. You'd get a list of labs that you can chose to work with. 
  5. Select a lab, and then use your login credentials like you would while physically sitting in a Lab.
  6. For a smoother experience, we'd recommend to use the largest monitor possible and get in full screen browser mode with Chrome or Firefox.

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