Follow these directions to create Student work accounts for your area. Any questions, please submit Help Desk ticket at:

Before starting, make sure you have the following information from your student employees:

  • Name
  • Non-RIT Email Address (so external, like gmail or yahoo)
  • Your Department number
  • Planned username for the Student worker. We suggest <studentInitials><departmentAcronym>tech
    • ex: mcwspastech
  • Preferred display name
  • Will they require VPN access. Generally the answer to this one is No

Step-by-step guide

  1. Visit RIT Service Portal:
  2. Click on RIT Login and enter your RIT Username and password
  3. You are now presented with the Account creation form. Enter the requested information making sure to set these Key fields
    1. Account type requested: Change this to Student Employee

    2. Set Account Sponsor to yourself or the Manager of the department
    3. This account requires: Only check Email here unless the user will require VPN
    4. Expiration Date: This is usually 1 year out (renewable at
  4. Click Add to Cart if you have multiple students to add at once. If you have only one, hit Request
  5. Done

Note on email

Email accounts that are created are on RIT's Exchange Mail Server. This is not a GMAIL address. Student workers can access their work email by visiting or by setting up their favorite Mail client app.

Information on that is located here under the Exchange Mail Client Settings Quick Reference Guide: