CADTech is working on several solutions to enable academic and business continuity. We're going to update this page frequently. This is our first time rolling out some of these technologies and we expect a few things to break early on.

Please report any problems via our online helpdesk (link below). This is always the best and fastest way to get help with a computer problem.

Please note: Our team is prioritizing computer problems reported via tickets over checking email.

Computer Labs Fall Status

Check here for latest status and capabilities of CAD labs for Spring 2021 Semester: Computer Lab Status for Spring

Remote Desktop Access to Lab Computers

We're providing limited remote access to CAD computer systems. This will allow students to use applications like Photoshop and Maya remotely from their personal computer. The user experience isn't nearly as nice as physically sitting at a lab computer and there are some technical limitations. Please note that CAPS LOCK will typically not work through this browser-based solution.

More information on how to opt-in to this service is available at the Getting access to Remote Desktop for using CAD Lab Computers

Enroll and Access the Remote Desktop System

Mac and Windows-based systems are generally available for remote access. We strongly suggest using full-screen Chrome or Firefox for an optimal experience with Windows and the NoMachine client using the recommended settings on macOS.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

In the past we've used VPN to provide secure access to services from off campus, e.g. file shares. We're working hard to scale VPN capacity to meet anticipated demand, but it might become a bottleneck for internet traffic to campus, especially for file shares. We're currently asking you to only use VPN if absolutely necessary. We're trying to provide secure solutions to our services in ways that don't rely on VPN. Please continue reading below before you connect to VPN for file share access. Very few services and applications will require VPN and we're working hard to eliminate all dependence on VPN.

The Oracle E-Business Suite, aka "", will continue to require VPN for off-campus access.

File Shares

You can get to most popular CAD file shares from this web site: Try it out!

This provides the CAD community with secure access to CAD-hosted file shares without using VPN.

This web based solution has nuanced limitations and we anticipate problems when trying to upload either very large files or a very large number of files.

Please submit a ticket if you have any problems using this service.

Google Apps (G Suite)

Faculty and staff can opt-in for access to a limited number of Google services including Google Drive, Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Most other Google services are not available to faculty and staff with your RIT account, e.g. YouTube and Gmail; these services require a personal Google account.

You can opt-in at Click on the Google Preference button. Once you've opted-in, you'll be able to use Google services by signing in with, e.g.

Video Conferencing: Zoom


RIT students, faculty, and staff are now licensed for Zoom. Meetings can contain up to 300 participants. (Let us know if this isn't enough.)

When launching the Zoom app on mobile or desktop, click Sign In and then Sign in with SSO. Enter rit for company domain and click continue. Sign in with your RIT username and password.

Zoom has support for captioning and interpreting.

RIT Specific Documentation for Classroom use of Zoom is available here: 
(link restricted to faculty and staff only)

ILI has assembled an FAQ for RIT Zoom Use here:

Here are some great tutorials to help get you up to speed with Zoom:


RIT's myCourses will continue to be the primary Learning Management System (LMS) for classes. (link restricted to faculty and staff only)

Have a Problem? Submit a Ticket!

One more time, here's the link to our online helpdesk. This is ALWAYS  the best way to report computer problems: