Hello, and welcome! This wiki is dedicated to providing  the RIT community information about the Fabrication Lab within the College of Art & Design. We provide 3D printing services, as well as free laser cutting and CNC routing, provided you supply your own approved stock.

To learn about available materials, pricing, job turn around, and tolerances, please see the Materials and Hardware pages. If you have a model you would like printed as soon as possible, please file a ticket via the FabLab Service Desk, complete with an STL of your model(s) and any feature requirements including color, durability and resolution.

To learn about how to best design for 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC routing, visit the Getting Started page. To add end-use functionality to your designs like threaded inserts, living features and optically-clear polished surfaces, visit the Design Guides page.

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Booth, 7A-A620
Sun - Sat, 9 am - 5 pm

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3D Printing

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3D printing a digital manufacturing process, where a tool gradually builds a 3D object layer-by-layer. We offer several 3D printing technologies: FDM, SLA, LFS and SLS. Each one has individual strengths and weaknesses, so be sure your design is right for the printer and material(s) in question. Use 3D printed models to assess everything from aesthetics, to production design—even end-use functionality!

The FabLab is located on-campus, and staffed with students eager to help anyone achieve success with their designs. If you're ever unsure of a material, the printability of some geometries, or want to play with some samples, swing by and let us help get you started!

Laser Cutting

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Instead of using a variety of power tools and knifes to create intricate designs and shapes, just use a laser! Our laser cutter turns vector strokes into toolpaths for cutting, scoring and engraving a variety of materials. This is incredibly useful for rapid prototyping, enabling you to build a model for size, human factors or form analysis much faster than a printer can build a model. We can even engrave images, provided they have been edited accordingly.

CNC Routing

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A CNC router is like a handheld or table-top router, only it's controlled by a computer. This means it can accurately and repeatedly route, cut and engrave shapes much more accurate than hand-made equivalents. Our ShopBot is great for cutting complex shapes out of wood, foam, and even acrylic up to 3" thick. It can even carve a 3D object out of a solid piece of stock; or dozens of intricate pieces for assemblies. All you need is an STL file for 3D objects, or an Illustrator file for flat objects.

Similar to the laser cutter, using the ShopBot is free, provided you supply your material—of which must be on our approved materials list (non-negotiable).